Case Study:

A Multi-Media Site to Showcase Music

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The Brief

The main purpose of the site was to give an overview of Steve Louw's musical career, conveying both the tone and vibe of his music and allowing visitors to easily search for, play and watch videos and songs. The site had to bring the music to life online and create an immersive experience where fans could both find specific content, but also explore lesser known facts and history about the artist and songs.

Creating an Authentic Experience

The creative direction of Steve's site was taken from the album artwork and Steve's personal style, to create an online experience for fans that was authentic and rang true to the style and tone of the music. The site used sepia tones and grungy fonts to convey the music's "cowboys-and-rock-and-roll" feel, but the layout was kept simple and pared down, with clean Verdana font to enhance readibilty for longer sections.
We chose a background of subtle cloud imagery with the site framed in a call-out to evoke the name of Steve's band, Big Sky.

Seamless Listening and Buying Experience

The site allows seamless streaming of songs and videos, so visitors can browse and listen to albums and watch music videos on the site. We also linked with iTunes and Amazon for each song, so buying music from the site was easy and intuitive.
We used interactiveshow and hide buttons to display extra content about an album, which both prevented the site from becoming cluttered and allowed fans to engage more deeply. The result was a clean, lightweight site that loaded quickly on mobile and desktop, that still had full multi-media functionality and all the extra features visitors would be looking to explore.

Curating a Career

In order to present fans with the most streamlined, curated and authentic experience possible, we went through all of Steve's press interviews, photos, live gigs and reviews collecting the best stand-out items. We then peiced the content togther to create coherent stories and showcase the highlights of Steve's career.
The information heirachy was then designed around these distinctive stories, with a home-feed to highlight the stand-out moments.
The result is a layered site, with the most salient information readily accessible, giving way to deeper layers and details for those fans who want to explore further. Coupled with the search functionality, the site puts the music first, but provides a rich backstory to the artist and band too.

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